Our bearing engineers and designers can tackle virtually any custom bearing project from sprocket assemblies, hanger bearings, cam followers, wood bearings and more.

Radial Bearings

Unground radial ball bearings designed for applications with moderate speeds, loads, and noise level requirements.

Thrust Bearings

Lutco unground thrust ball bearings are designed for applications which have moderate speeds and thrust loads.

Housed Bearing Assemblies

Ball bearings assembled into pressed metal stampings. Various configurations with and without self-alignment feature are available.

Centerflange Bearings

Axial space constraints can often be overcome with Lutco centerflange assemblies. These units are designed with the flange positioned at the center of the bearing width.

Wood Bearings

Wood bearings are made from maple wood and impregnated with oil and wax to make it self-lubricating. Wood bearings absorb debris and are ideal for applications where grit and fine contaminants are present.

Custom Bearing Assembly

Lutco has the capability to combine metal stampings, machining and bearings to produce custom assemblies not listed in our catalog. This reduces cost while improving product performance.

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Product Design Guide

The Lutco Design Guide has detailed information including product specifications, technical drawings & measurements, load rating and testing data, interchange tables, conversion tables, unique applications, and more.

product design guide