Vehicle Lifting Systems

Lutco is a worldwide supplier of banded thrust bearings and more for commercial and residential  vehicle lifting systems. All of our products are designed to operate with reliable longevity under heavy loads and repeated use. As the demand for overnight deliveries rises, ground freight companies increasingly require reliable trucks and trailer equipment in order to successfully fulfill their delivery schedules.  At Lutco, quality is built into all of our products.

Trailer Landing Gear and Support Legs

Our goal is to provide OEMs with a simple, reliable, and cost-effective equipment solution. Many vehicle lifting system equipment manufacturers have chosen to replace their more expensive tapered roller bearings with Lutco’s banded thrust bearings. Our banded thrust bearings are more cost-effective, and they provide easier assembly and fantastic reliability.

Lutco banded thrust bearings come in a variety of sizes for commercial vehicle lifting systems.  Our thrust bearings are made with case hardened raceways which provide excellent resistance to cracking under impact loads compared to through-hardened designs. For heavier loaded applications our raceways are designed with a deeper case depth which results in a higher capacity bearing. 

Lutco landing gear thrust bearings comply with the Association of American Railroads (AAR) static and dynamic load test metrics. Testing includes a durability test by operating a pair of landing gear for 200 cycles under a 35k pound load. Parts are also required to pass a series of drop tests on a pair of landing gear under a 32k pound load.  

Banded Thrust Bearings for Trailer Jacks

Trailer jacks, also known as “tongue jacks”, come in a variety of styles and sizes as determined by the needs of the application.  They are a critical component on all trailer utility, marine, livestock, and cargo trailers. Trailer jacks are used to raise and lower the trailer. If they fail, they can leave you unable to hook up, unhook or move the trailer. 

Basic Functions of a Trailer Jack:

  • Raises and lowers the trailer so that you can connect the coupler to and disconnect it from the ball on your hitch
  • Keeps the trailer level when it’s not attached to the tow vehicle
  • Stabilizes the trailer for loading and unloading and when the trailer is parked

Lutco’s family of reliable banded thrust bearings are used in trailer jacks manufactured by many leading brands. Our bearings can be found in round, square, and powered style jacks for virtually any application. Contact us today to learn more. 

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Product Design Guide

The Lutco Design Guide has detailed information including product specifications, technical drawings & measurements, load rating and testing data, interchange tables, conversion tables, unique applications, and more.

product design guide