Outdoor Power Equipment

Lutco has supplied a variety of custom assemblies and components to manufacturers in the outdoor power and powersports equipment markets for over 40 years. Our extensive and unique product offering includes wheel bearing designs that can be assembled into standard DOM tubing. The design eliminates the machining process of the housing bore required when using an alternative precision bearing, making your overall production timeline faster and more cost-effective.

Incorporating set screws in a hex bore unit eliminates the need for an additional collar to prevent lateral movement. Our bearings do not require the tighter housing bore tolerance that is typically needed when using a precision bearing. As a result, we offer customers the potential to save money without sacrificing quality. The bearing bore size can also be customized as required.

Lawn & Garden Equipment

Our products are highly recommended within the outdoor power equipment industry because of our long history in lawn and garden applications. We have extensive knowledge and experience in designing innovative, custom solutions to optimize your product application. Lutco products can be found on lawn and garden equipment such as:

  • Zero Turn Radius Mowers (ZTRS)
  • Lawn aerators
  • Snowblowers
  • Wood chippers
  • Lawn edgers
  • Garden tractors
  • Commercial walk behind mowers
  • And more

Lutco’s wheel bearings for lawn and garden equipment differ from competitive designs in that they can tolerate higher thrust and side loading than other similar products. We also provide products such as 2-bolt flangettes and 2-bolt self-aligning, flush mount bearings. Various rubber seal types can be provided as needed, depending on the application.

Zero Turn Radius Mowers (ZTRs)

Lutco has worked continuously to meet the shifting demands of the lawn and garden industry as it evolves. For many years, we supplied the wheel business with specially engineered bearings whose construction allowed sideloading up to 50% of the radial load capacity. When the zero turn radius mower (ZTR) made its debut, we patented a 1-3/8” flanged angular contact bearing for extreme sideloading.

This unit has a stamped outer race to control cost and incorporates an O-Ring seal, similar to a water pump bearing.  This could be compared to a tapered roller bearing in that internal play is taken up by controlling the thru-bolt used as an axial.  Unlike a taper, however, when disassembled from the wheel it will not fall apart; preserving its integrity. If you need a cost-effective solution, we would be happy to make a recommendation.

Custom Assemblies for Snowblowers

Lutco developed a custom trunnion assembly for the variable speed drive on self-propelled, walk-behind snowblowers. We incorporated a hex bore inner race with housing that allowed for the actuation of the unit along the shaft. When it was noted that the rubber drive disc was attached to a plate, affixed to the inner race, we developed a new method for attaching it. By consolidating this many required features, the customer was able to simplify their design from six parts to just one unit. The same principles can be utilized to overcome engineering challenges and refine equipment design in nearly all industries.


Outdoor Powersports Equipment


Lutco has supplied parts to the snowmobile industry since its earliest conception.  As designs developed, and powertrains became more sophisticated, components were compacted into smaller spaces. Assembling drive and jackshaft support bearings in these confined housings became increasingly difficult.

To help streamline the assembly process, Lutco supplied manufacturers with triangular bearing housings with threaded fasteners as assemblies. Our custom flangette assemblies with staked bolts eliminated the need to install bolts and nuts separately. Over time, we have continued to improve upon that design and enabled our snowmobile manufacturing customers to increase their overall product throughput by maximizing efficiency during the assembly process.

All Terrain Vehicles (ATV’s)

As ATV design evolved to include power steering systems, it became necessary to include steering limiters. In addition to housing a steering shaft support bearing, the flangette had to be designed to have custom attachments that would limit the steering travel with physical stops.

Lutco tooled steering limiters by modifying flangettes into complicated shapes while holding the standard bearing seat intact. The design allowed a single part to house the support bearing and limit the maximum steering angle.

Overcoming design challenges with innovative solutions is Lutco’s greatest strength. We work with your engineering team to assess the needs of your equipment and design custom assemblies that will increase efficiency in your production timeline without excessive cost.

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Product Design Guide

The Lutco Design Guide has detailed information including product specifications, technical drawings & measurements, load rating and testing data, interchange tables, conversion tables, unique applications, and more.

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