Agricultural Equipment

Over the past 70 years, Lutco has provided the agricultural industry with innovative solutions combining both precision & semi-precision bearings with machined and stamped components. This has allowed agricultural OEMs to enjoy highly cost-effective and unitized designs that solve their specific application challenges. 

Flangettes for Agricultural Applications

One of Lutco’s greatest strengths comes from our precision metal stamping background.  The ability to control the fit between the bearing and the flangettes increases bearing life substantially where misalignment is required either at the time of assembly or due to flexure of the assembly in the field.

For example, in tillage applications it has been known for years that allowing the bearing to move in the flange greatly extends the bearing lifespan. This same principle exists in multiple applications, whether in round balers, header applications or elsewhere where shaft flexure can occur.

This control can also be coupled with heat treated flangettes to increase wear resistance, or material flow along with added features such as sensor mounts, extensions for shaft or bearing protection, or other areas where multiple components can be incorporated.  We have an extensive tool inventory that enables us to develop custom solutions for the needs of your application at a minimal cost.

Custom Bearing Assemblies for Agricultural Equipment

We have decades of experience creating custom bearing assemblies for agricultural industry applications. Lutco championed the incorporation of sprockets with an extended hex inner race and an integral flange mounting, allowing for cost-effective, right angle drive in planters. This design has been used by nearly all planter manufacturers to provide power to the seed meter.

There are many other instances where customization of the bearing itself can satisfy the needs of the application while reducing the number of components required.  One recent example is the incorporation of set screws in a hex bore unit, which eliminates the need for an additional collar to prevent lateral movement. Our engineers are prepared to review your unique application challenges and create innovative, cost-effective solutions.

Superior Idler Sprockets

Lutco creates idler sprockets for a wide range of agricultural applications. Custom idler sprockets can be engineered and manufactured to satisfy the needs of your specific application, with the addition of both the 50/17, and the 60/15 sprockets that we offer.

We can accommodate virtually any custom request. Precision bearings with hardened sprockets are available for applications where speeds and loads demand it. Special features, such as custom bores or an integral threaded stud can also be added. All of our engineering and manufacturing is completed in-house, so we are able to provide a rapid response in providing samples and production.

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Product Design Guide

The Lutco Design Guide has detailed information including product specifications, technical drawings & measurements, load rating and testing data, interchange tables, conversion tables, unique applications, and more.

product design guide