We specialize in progressive and compound metal stampings by providing design assistance, in-house tool design/build, and high-speed production. Lutco is capable of producing stampings in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and thicknesses.


Lutco is the largest manufacturer of flangettes in North America! Flangettes are offered in standard configurations as well as custom designs.

Pillow Blocks

Lutco’s pressed steel pillow blocks are an economical alternative to heavier cast iron units.

Stamped Parts

Lutco runs power presses with capacity up to 400 tons to produce high-quality metal stampings in varying thicknesses.

Heavy Gauge Stamping

Lutco brings extensive experience with heavy gauge metal stampings. Large presses have a bed size of 76″ by 42″ and stamp up to .375″ thickness.

Idler Sprockets

Features an unground or precision ball bearing captured by riveted or welded stamped sprocket halves, providing an economical solution.

Custom Assemblies

Lutco has the capability to combine metal stampings, machined components, and bearings to produce custom assemblies not listed in our catalog.

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Product Design Guide

The Lutco Design Guide has detailed information including product specifications, technical drawings & measurements, load rating and testing data, interchange tables, conversion tables, unique applications, and more.

product design guide