Air Cargo Ball Transfers

Lutco heavy duty air cargo ball transfers used in air cargo ball decks and other heavy duty load applications allow for easy manual movement of ULDs, pallets and heavy cargo. Ball transfers are designed to fit industry standard holes of 1 ¾”.

Lutco Air Cargo Ball Transfer Features

  • 850 lb load capacity
  • Fits Industry standard 1 ¾” holes
  • Housing material – carbon steel
  • Ball material – Stainless steel
  • Inner Race – stainless or carbon steel
  • Clear or yellow zinc dichromate plating
  • Additional plating options also available
  • Multiple weep holes for enhanced drainage
A warehouse shipping bay freshly fitted with Lutco air cargo ball transfers.

Airlines, couriers, and fulfillment centers depend on reliable material handling equipment to move their cargo quickly and efficiently through their facilities. Lutco heavy duty air cargo ball transfers are designed to provide extended wear, longer life and reduced downtime due to maintenance.

Lutco air cargo ball transfers installed in the floor of a loading bay.

​Lutco ball transfers are made from a machined steel cup and a polished stamped and coined inner race designed with an optimized internal geometry which provides smoother running quality in all directions and enhances load-carrying capability. Multiple weep holes are designed into the inner race allowing for maximum drainage of liquids and debris. Stainless steel balls provide complete corrosion protection of all rolling elements. The outer machined cup is plated with either clear or yellow zinc dichromate while other plating options such as zinc-nickel are also available.

Lutco can also customize our air cargo ball transfers to your requirements. Download our Heavy Duty Air Cargo Ball Transfer Brochure (PDF):

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Product Design Guide

The Lutco Design Guide has detailed information including product specifications, technical drawings & measurements, load rating and testing data, interchange tables, conversion tables, unique applications, and more.

product design guide