Robust, Corrosion-Resistant Bearings Enhance Safety for Loading Dock Vehicle Restraint Systems

Did you have a cup of coffee this morning? If you said ‘Yes!’ you have trucks to thank for delivering your daily java. Trucks have been an integral part of the US economy for nearly a century, and represent over 70% of the country’s freight. Increases in shipping demand over the past 18 months combined with international shipping difficulties have intensified the need for trucks to move goods and materials across the country. With that rising demand comes the need for devices that ensure the safety and efficiency of our on-the-ground logistics operators. 

Secure Dock Locking Systems Rely On Strong Components

Most suppliers in the trucking industry are focused on keeping trucks on the road but, for one Lutco customer, the goal is keeping trucks safely locked in place during loading or unloading when off the road. A reliable locking system also prevents idling by truck drivers while being loaded or unloaded, saving time and energy while reducing fuel consumption and emitting fewer pollutants into the environment. That’s why a producer of dock-locking systems for tractor trailers connected with Lutco to develop the safest, most dependable locking system available.

“Lutco’s ability to engineer and manufacture components and sub-assemblies that are both corrosion resistant and have an extended life cycle is exactly what our customers need,” said Lutco national sales manager Bob Santoro. “Our customers serve the toughest industries, and need tough parts that will stand the test of time.”

Enhanced Bearing Subassemblies Reduce Weather Damage and Wear

The locking system features a custom bearing housing made of high-strength steel and a corrosion-resistant finish outfitted with specialty bearings to provide sleek, efficient operation. The components are designed not just for operational durability but also to prevent any potential corrosion or weather damage. This enhanced bearing assembly works in tandem with a secondary pair of centerflange bearings, eliminating any gaps or misalignment between parts as it operates and ensuring that trucks are secured safely into loading docks at every stop. 

“It’s about more than parts for us, it’s about the impact those parts will have on so many individuals,” explained engineering manager Anthony Romero. “We were excited about this project because it allowed us to engineer innovative solutions to the challenge at hand while enhancing safety and performance at every level. We know that the extraordinary efforts expended on making the system safe and dependable will help ensure that goods continue to move smoothly despite difficult circumstances.”

Lutco: A Trusted Supplier for Freight and Transportation OEMs

Lutco has a long history of providing bearings and sub-assemblies that work seamlessly with other components built here in the USA and abroad. Our state-of-the-art facilities and skilled manufacturing and assembly teams pledge reliable, robust performance from each part we manufacture.

For more information on vehicle restraint system subassemblies or other bearing solutions, contact the experts at Lutco today!

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