Lutco Receives Recognition for 40 Years with The Farm Equipment Manufacturer’s Association (FEMA)

Lutco is honored to be recognized as a 40-year member of the Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association (FEMA). Over the years, our connection with FEMA has enabled us to create many long-standing relationships, and friendships, with agricultural industry leaders. Through the years FEMA has been a forum to learn about the latest trends and product advancements in agricultural equipment, as well as a valuable resource that has allowed Lutco to develop new products and enhance business opportunities with association members.

commemorative plaque symbolizing lutco's 40 years with FEMA

We fully support all FEMA members, many of whom have also been our loyal customers. As the primary organization for OEMs specializing in the agricultural industry, FEMA focuses its efforts on those manufacturers who serve a vital role in supplying equipment tailor-made for unique agricultural applications. FEMA’s mission aligns with Lutco’s capability to develop and produce custom solutions for the individual needs and applications of our customers.

Lutco’s involvement with FEMA programs and communications has assisted us in staying current on many of the forces and trends driving the agricultural industry. Over the past decades, FEMA has expanded both in its size and the scope of its activities, providing essential guidance about the continuously evolving laws and standards pertaining to the manufacture of farm equipment. It has benefited us to be aware of the impact of those trends, enabling us to be more reactive to the needs of our customers. We look forward to many more years with the association.


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