By Anthony Romero, Chief Engineer

For several years, the manufacturing industry has faced a confluence of challenges. There has been a strong demand for Lutco products caused by the pandemic and global economic conditions. Some skilled laborers have opted for alternate careers; the manufacturing sector also faces a challenge due to the need for a physical presence. To remain competitive in the current global market and serve customers’ needs, Lutco has heavily invested in innovative processes and new machinery to lower set-up time and increase throughput at shorter lead times. 

Automated And Engineered Welding Processes 

Lutco implemented continuous rotary welding to meet customer demands for a smooth and non-interrupted weld along a circumference. Previously, this task was labor intensive, needed senior skilled welders, and took considerable time per piece. Lutco introduced an automated process where engineering programmed the controls, allowing a machine operator to load/unload the parts. Additionally, this process increased the productivity rates due to lower duty cycles and produced a strong, smooth, continuous circumferential weld. 


Welding With Industrial Robotics 

Robots have also been introduced to Lutco manufacturing processes to meet higher demands. These robots enable machine operators to load/unload the parts into the unit eliminating the need for skilled welders. The welding process with these units is highly repeatable, resulting in a consistent weld from part to part.


Cutting-Edge CNC Technology 

Lutco also implemented new CNC machines with powerful horsepower dual spindle motors, multiple tools, and advanced programming software, allowing higher metal removal rates and lower cycle times. 


Press Control And Feed Upgrade

New feed technology has been implemented. The press communicates with the feeder for a constant continuous, smooth feed of the raw material coil. Upgraded press controls are programmed by engineering, enabling easier setups and preventing human errors. 


Tool Room Lathes And Vertical Machining Centers 

Lutco has invested significantly in high technology for the tool room to meet new customer requirements and advance internal improvement initiatives. This equipment enables the company to reduce tool lead time by redefining new processes and simultaneously machining multiple tool components.

CMM With Advanced Technology In Metrology And Scanning 

This machine will enable Lutco to measure complex current and future part geometries and qualify intricate tooling needed for manufacturing new customer parts.

Lutco is committed to serving its customers by meeting and exceeding the production requirements needed in the marketplace.

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