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Machines are the muscle that keep important industries moving forward. They also happen to have a lot of moving parts that move together very quickly with the potential for breakdown if these parts rub together. That’s where Lutco’s bearings stand up to friction so it’s all systems go.

Lutco, located in Worcester, Massachusetts, has been in the business of manufacturing ball bearings and other custom metal assemblies for more than 70 years. Simply put, bearings consist of small metallic balls that ride between two steel races. Ball bearings are used in machines with moving parts to reduce friction and ensure proper operation.

As you can imagine, Lutco’s markets range broadly from farm machinery to consumer durables like appliances and other household goods, material handling, trucking, industrial equipment and recreational vehicles.

In fact, the bearings are just the start of the company’s innovation and track record with customers for cost-savings and new product development. “We are always open to leveraging our capabilities to make things happen for clients and that’s what sets us apart,” says Bob Santoro, Lutco’s National Sales Manager.

“We also make unique custom-designed products. If we can find an application that can use our type of bearing and think outside the box to make it into a sub-assembly by mating components that are around it, we are adding value. It’s a win-win for the customer so that they don’t have to source multiple parts and assemble it. Providing a more value-added assembly also results in a total cost savings for our customers.”

And that’s the nice balance that Lutco offers. They have the capacity to turn out more complex assemblies for customers, but the vibe at the company is much more ‘boutique’ than ‘massive, faceless manufacturer.’ They have long-standing relationships with many of their customers, and by getting to know their needs and expectations, Lutco is able to build more customized assemblies that use machining, bending, welding and heat treating capabilities to suit the project. Read the full article.

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