Lutco’s New Air Cargo Ball Transfers Well-Received by Worldwide Shipping Industry

Air Cargo Ball Transfer Unit FlyerWORCESTER, MA, December 12, 2019 – Lutco, a local manufacturer of custom bearing assemblies, metal stampings & machined components, recently launched a new product line of bearing ball transfers for air cargo and other heavy-duty load applications. After a successful start, Lutco bearing ball transfers can now be found in air cargo facilities around the world. Fitted in ball decks, Lutco’s air cargo ball transfer units allow for smooth and easy manual movement of ULDs, pallets, and heavy cargo. 

“This is a natural extension of our wealth of knowledge and capabilities that we have in designing and manufacturing bearings,” said Lutco National Sales Manager, Bob Santoro. “We leveraged decades of experience to create a better ball transfer solution, and we’re excited to see it readily adopted by the worldwide shipping industry.”

Lutco’s design incorporates a stamped, coined and hardened stainless liner made with an optimized engineered geometry. The internal geometry provides smoother running quality in all directions and puts more balls in the load zone, enhancing load-carrying capacity. The stainless liner also minimizes the opportunity for rust to develop internally, extending its operating lifespan. Multiple weep holes allow dirt, debris, and liquids to easily escape. All balls are made from hardened stainless steel to provide optimum wear and corrosion resistance of all rolling elements. 

Lutco’s standard ball transfer machined cup is electroplated with ROHS compliant zinc plating and a trivalent chromate sealant for enhanced corrosion resistance. Lutco can also provide alternate platings such as zinc-nickel, which is ideal for use in extreme environments where ball transfers may be exposed to glycol, calcium chloride, and other de-icing compounds. 

Customers have remarked that Lutco’s bearing ball transfers run smoothly without issue. Initial traction includes several large orders for multiple major shipping industry leaders and test parts on 4 US airforce bases globally. 

For more information about Lutco’s heavy duty air cargo bearing ball transfers, visit our product page and contact us today.

Read the original press release, here.

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