4 Manufacturing Myths: Why A Career In Manufacturing Will Defy Your Expectations

With so many opportunities available in the job market, you could be thinking about a career change right now. You’ve heard that the manufacturing industry is booming. You’re curious about a job in that industry, but you’ve heard that manufacturing is a dirty, dangerous industry. You’ve heard that manufacturing jobs are low-paying jobs for people who don’t have much education. This isn’t true at all!

Manufacturing jobs can be rewarding and enjoyable career paths with long-term job security, good pay, and great benefits. Manufacturing workers play a crucial role in the economy of the U.S., but many myths about them abound. Let’s take some time to dispel some of these myths:

Manufacturing Myth #1: Manufacturing Jobs Are Boring And Repetitive

Manufacturing jobs involve a lot of problem-solving activities that require critical thinking and creativity. While some manufacturing roles do perform highly repetitive tasks, a large part of the workforce in manufacturing is highly skilled and enjoys a creative challenge. Many modern manufacturing jobs are creative and always evolving. Employees are highly skilled technicians, engineers, managers, or mathematicians who enjoy their work because it’s creative rather than dull and monotonous. 

Something new happens every day in manufacturing. Because this sector is always changing as a result of technological improvements that require us to stay up to speed on new ideas or procedures, you will pick up many new skills. 

Manufacturing Myth #2: Manufacturing Workers Are Uneducated

Manufacturing jobs are on the rise, but so is competition for them. In order to stay competitive in this economy, many manufacturing companies provide training and educational opportunities for employees to develop specialized expertise in their chosen discipline. Having a college degree does not hinder one from getting a job in manufacturing; instead, it may help you stand out from other candidates who don’t have a degree. It also indicates to hiring managers that you’re ambitious and career-minded. One of the great things about the manufacturing industry is that education is not a barrier to entry— but it is often a perk of the job!

Manufacturing Myth #3: Manufacturing Jobs Are Low-Paying Jobs

Manufacturing wages have been on the rise recently, especially for highly skilled technicians and managers. This is not surprising given that modern manufacturing jobs are highly technical. In fact, some of the highest-paid jobs in the country are those held by engineers and physical scientists who work in manufacturing or research and development. But that doesn’t mean working in assembly or metalforming won’t get you a decent wage. Some of the best-paid jobs in manufacturing include machine operators and transportation equipment operators, welders and solderers, machinists, and industrial machinery mechanics.

Manufacturing Myth #4: Manufacturing Is Dirty And Unsafe

Manufacturing is not dirty or unsafe anymore than any other industry is. Most modern manufacturing facilities are clean, safe places where employees wear protective clothing and equipment while performing their job duties. In fact, manufacturing companies invest considerable resources into safety training for their employees because they know that safety enhances productivity while reducing compensation expenses from injuries. 

Factories used to be dirty places filled with dangerous chemicals and substances like asbestos and lead paint, but now all workplaces must adhere to OSHA safety standards (Occupational Safety and Health Administration).  Not only do OSHA regulations help protect the environment, they also protect workers by forcing manufacturers to adopt workplace practices that prevent on-the-job injuries. As a result of OSHA’s influence, the modern manufacturing sector is one of the safest sectors in any industry – quite different from what most people think about when they think “manufacturing.” 

We’re Hiring! Is A Job In Manufacturing Your Next Big Move?

Manufacturing is a thriving industry with many opportunities to make an impact while doing rewarding work. It is so much more than just assembling things, repetitive tasks, or boring monotony. If you’re looking for a career that provides job security and stability in an ever-changing world, manufacturing may be the right choice for you.

There are plenty of rewarding positions available for people who enjoy problem-solving activities, critical thinking, creativity, or mathematics. And if you’re still not sure about what kind of career path would be best suited for your skillset and interests, let us know! We can help guide you towards finding the right position that will allow you to thrive as part of our team.

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