Lutco Revolutionizes Mower Conditioner Back-Shaft Assembly for Industry-Leading Agricultural OEM

Thanks to decades spent working shoulder-to-shoulder with the world’s leading agricultural equipment manufacturers, Lutco’s engineers understand the challenges faced in the field. When it comes to large-scale haymaking operations, efficiency and reliability are crucial. A prominent customer in the agricultural equipment industry faced a persistent problem, prompting our engineers to undertake a transformative project. The challenge? Debris wrapping and premature bearing failure in mower conditioner assemblies. Our engineering team’s innovative approach, involving a tube extension on the flange housing the bearing, improved performance and extended bearing life for one OEM’s mower conditioner back-shaft assembly.

Lutco’s Innovative Solution for Debris Wrapping in Mower Conditioner Back-Shaft Assembly

The engagement between the customer and Lutco began when the customer’s engineering team reached out to Lutco with a request for a deep draw stamping solution. However, Lutco’s commitment to providing cost-effective and efficient solutions led to the proposal of an alternative design using a welded tube approach. This proposal not only saved costs, but also offered a superior long-term solution to the persistent debris wrapping issue.

Dealing with mower conditioners, which employ various cutting and conditioning mechanisms, requires addressing the challenge of debris wrapping around the rolls. Lutco’s solution introduced a tube extension to the assembly, effectively preventing debris entanglement and its detrimental impact on the rolls. A unique Lutco-designed welding machine was used to achieve a constant weld. The success of this solution surprised the customer’s engineers with an unexpected change in the torque value of the flange due to the welded design. However, this change did not compromise the equipment’s effectiveness and, in fact, led to a significant increase in bearing life.

Fast, Cost-Effective, and Innovative Engineering Solutions for Agricultural OEMs

During the initial analysis of the project, concerns arose regarding potential distortion of the flange due to the welding process. Extensive discussions between Lutco’s team and the customer’s engineering team allayed these concerns, as it was determined that the minimal distortion would not affect the alignment of the housed bearing. This breakthrough successfully resolved the debris wrapping problem, providing the customer with a long-term solution and improved equipment performance.

Considering the demanding operating environment of mower conditioners, which exposes them to debris such as dirt, hay, rocks, and other hazards, Lutco incorporated zinc plating and ensured RoHS compliance to enhance the durability and performance of the back-shaft assembly.

Despite the challenges, including a tight timeline for creating a sample product, within three years the project made its way from concept to full-scale production. During this time, the customer rigorously tested and evaluated the redesigned equipment to ensure its effectiveness and reliability. Starting with an initial production volume of 500 pieces, the annual production has now reached an impressive 26,000 units, demonstrating the remarkable success of the solution.

Lutco’s Expertise Is Advancing the Agricultural Equipment Industry

Lutco’s extensive experience in providing engineering solutions and parts to the top agricultural equipment manufacturers played a vital role in the success of this project. Their commitment to finding cost-effective and innovative solutions has established them as a trusted partner in the industrial agricultural sector.

The ongoing success of this project highlights Lutco’s ability to tackle complex challenges, improve existing processes, and deliver long-term solutions for agricultural equipment manufacturers. With their expertise and unwavering commitment to excellence, Lutco continues to make significant contributions to the advancement of agricultural machinery and equipment.

Join the ranks of industry-leading agricultural equipment manufacturers who trust Lutco for their engineering needs. Whether it’s solving persistent problems, improving processes, or delivering cost-effective designs, Lutco is your trusted partner in innovation. Connect with us today to leverage our expertise and experience the Lutco advantage firsthand. Your journey toward cutting-edge solutions starts here.

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