Lutco Meets Rising Domestic Agricultural Manufacturing Demand With Expanded Idler Sprocket Line

With increased domestic demand in the agricultural industry, Lutco has added two of the most in-demand idler sprockets for agricultural manufacturing to their product line: #50-17 and #60-15. With semi-precision bearings for speeds up to 1,000 RPM, the sprockets are also available with precision bearings for higher speeds. The bearings are trapped between the hardened sprocket halves preventing the problem of walk-off, or separation between sprockets and bearings.

As a trusted producer of stamped metal components, semi-precision bearings, and assemblies – including decades of supplying idler sprockets for agricultural manufacturing – Lutco’s idler sprockets adhere to industry standards and are tailored for optimized performance and economical pricing. In addition to the newly-added #50 and #60 sprockets, Lutco also produces idler sprockets for #40 and #41, as well as numerous specialty sprockets customized for specific applications and industries. We are happy to make recommendations based on chain size, number of teeth, and shaft size.

“Our top priority has been, and always will be, helping our customers solve problems,” said Lutco President Dug Stowe. “Our agricultural customers have expressed a need, in this case a need for increased availability of high-quality, domestically-produced idler sprockets.” Lutco’s understanding of manufacturers’ needs makes them popular with a wide range of agricultural OEMs, and positions them as a prudent option.

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 Idler Sprocket Compatibility Guide

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