Metal Stamping and Bearing Solutions Manufacturer Joins Precision Metalforming Association 

Since its inception, Lutco has remained committed to the type of constant innovation and sharing of information needed to advance and sustain the metal manufacturing industry. That’s the reason Lutco has recently joined the Precision Metalforming Association – a vast network of metalforming professionals dedicated to those same crucial ideals. This will be beneficial not only to Lutco, but to their customers who will enjoy the benefits of the resources and support accessed via the PMA.

What is the Precision Metalforming Association?

Originally founded in 1913, the Precision Metalforming Association is a full-service trade association representing the $137B metalforming industry across North America and supporting the production of precision metal stamping, spinning, fabrication, slide forming, and other value-added processes.

At its core, the PMA is dedicated to helping the metalforming industry through some of its most critical challenges, from education to the development and retention of a skilled workforce and beyond. The ongoing mission of the PMA is “to shape the environment of the metalforming industry, leading innovative member companies toward superior competitiveness and profitability.”

CMM inspection machine probe being used to measure stamped metal components at LutcoThe principal benefits of Lutco’s PMA membership are access to a vast knowledge base and the opportunity to both contribute to and draw on the collective expertise of metalworkers throughout the United States. The PMA has an extensive online training platform that applies to their specific trade, granting Lutco’s workforce access to the most current educational resources in the industry. Departments throughout Lutco will participate in comprehensive and rigorous training programs that will further their total commitment to providing metalforming and assembly services of the highest quality. These resources will also be applied to maintaining contemporary best practices regarding tools, methods, and materials, and support the impressive array of capabilities and services Lutco offers.

Customers Benefit From Working With a Precision Metalforming Association Member

In addition to education and training programs, Lutco’s customers will benefit from access to the collective expertise of professional metal formers throughout North America. The ability to troubleshoot problems, provide training, and stay informed on the cutting edge of industry information bolsters Lutco’s mission to help customers overcome challenges and devise efficient, cost-effective solutions.

“Lutco is a perfect example of a company that can not only benefit from membership in this type of association but can also pass that benefit along to our customers,” said engineering manager Anthony Romero. “There are two keys to success here: The first is access to a wealth of knowledge, and the second is the expertise to know how and when to apply it. “

Considering these factors, a single conclusion becomes obvious:, working with a PMA member is always beneficial and should be taken into account when selecting a metalforming manufacturing partner for bearings, stamped products, and other metal components.

Seeking a metalforming partner that has the skills and experience to solve your manufacturing challenges? Contact Lutco today.

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