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Lutco has the capability to combine metal stampings, machining and bearings to produce custom assemblies not listed in our catalog. This reduces cost while improving product performance. Our experience and expertise in machining, stamping, welding, heat treat and assembly have enabled us to work with our customers to solve their problems and provide them with engineered solutions and greater value.

Our bearing engineers and designers can tackle virtually any custom bearing project from sprocket assemblies, hanger bearings, cam followers, wood bearings and more. Innovation is a driving force at Lutco.

Bearing/Sprocket Assemblies

This unitized assembly combines 19 and 11 tooth stamped sprockets staked to a machined shaft, a 2-bolt centerflange bearing assembly, a powder metal coupler, a plastic handle and a spring actuated locking system. The integrated assembly greatly reduced the number of components purchased by the customer and dramatically increased their productivity. Sprocket assemblies are used extensively in agricultural equipment applications.

Bearing/Sprocket Assembly

Brake Assemblies

Brake assemblies consist of a full complement of steel balls, a flanged raceway and a square cross section spring. The steel balls take up thrust loads while enabling the two brake halves to rotate relative to each other. Brake assemblies are used to control stroke in commercial and industrial linear actuators.

Brake Assembly

Trunnion Bearings

This economical assembly incorporates a hex bore shaft staked to a triangular plate and a bearing assembly captured in a trunnion style housing. The shaft is the bearing inner raceway. Trunnion bearings are used in snowblower drivetrains.

Trunnion Bearing

Two Piece Idler Sprockets

Welded stamped sprocket halves capture a semi-precision bearing providing an economical solution to more expensive machined units. Available in a range of sprocket sizes. Idler sprockets are used in a variety of power transmission applications.

Two Piece Idler Sprocket

Cam Followers

This unground cam follower is a low cost alternative to more expensive precision designs. A large number of applications utilize precision or ground cam followers when semi precision designs can provide the same rugged durability at a substantial cost savings. The unit consists of two complements of balls, machined stud, outer and inner raceways and a stamped dust shield.

Cam Follower

Angular Contact Bearing

This semi precision bearing is designed for applications where a combination of radial and thrust loads are present and therefore thrust and/or radial load carrying capability is required. The bearing is designed with a flange which axially locates the bearing in the housing. An integral seal on the outboard end eliminates the need for an external seal. Angular contact bearings are ideal for lawn and garden wheel applications.

Angular Contact Bearing

Wood Bearings

Wood bearings are made from maple wood and impregnated with oil and wax to make it self-lubricating. Wood bearings absorb debris and are ideal for applications where grit and fine contaminants are present. These permanently lubricated wood bearings are extensively used as screws, rolls or conveying machinery bearings for agriculture and other industrial applications.

Wood Bearing

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