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Lutco offers an array of machining capabilities for producing complex, high-tolerance components with faster throughput, reduced cost and higher quality. Our capabilities include multi-spindle screw machines, multi-axis CNC lathes, multi-axis CNC Swiss machines, vertical CNC machining centers and routers.

Lutco utilizes Mastercam, Partmaker and Esprit CAM software for CNC machine programming. From these software tools, CAM information is seamlessly exported directly to the work centers.

CNC Turning Machines

Our multi-spindle, 3-axis CNC turning centers allow us to produce complex precision components in low-to-high volumes (250 pieces minimum). Our machines leverage live tooling for off-axis machining operations, integrated bar feeding systems for speed and bar stock widths to a 3.5" diameter. In addition, our CNC chucker lathe can machine up to 15" diameter blanks. The minimum volume for machining blanks is 50 pieces.

OD Capacities:   3.5" round bar-stock for bar fed machines
15" chucking capacity

Machining Capabilities: Tapping, threading, drilling, cross drilling, grooving, knurling, milling, counter sinking, hobbing.

CNC Swiss Machines

Our bar fed Tsugami 8-axis and 11-axis CNC Swiss automatic lathes machine our most intricate parts. Swiss machines are ideal for low-to-high volume jobs (250 pieces minimum) and for creating small, precision parts with finer finishes and tolerances to .0001. Single point turning economically produces complex parts in a single setup.

OD Capacities: 1.50" (38MM) round bar-stock, 24" max length

Machining Capabilities: Cross drilling, drilling, cross tapping, threading, slotting, knurling, counter sinking, milling

Davenport and Acme Gridley Multi-Spindle Screw Machines

Davenports are versatile, multi-spindle screw machines that cost-effectively produce complex small-to-medium size parts with tight tolerances. Ideal for plumbing, electrical, automotive, controls, and hardware applications, Davenports are best utilized for minimum production volumes of 20,000 pieces.

OD Capacities:   1/8"-7/8" round bar-stock, 4" max length
1/8"-3/4" hex bar-stock

Machining Capabilities: Cross drilling, drilling, cross tapping, threading, slotting, knurling, counter sinking, milling

Our Acme Gridley 6 and 8 spindle screw machines economically manufacture precise parts from conventional metals in large production volumes of 5,000 pieces or more.

OD Capacities: 1/2" – 2" round bar-stock, 3.5" max length

Machining Capabilities: Turning, drilling, knurling

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